Our Story

Aya’s Story

Founded for education. Rooted in growth.

Aya (pronounced “eye-ah”) is a part of adinkra – a collection of visual symbols linked to the Ashanti culture of Ghana. Aya itself is derived from the Twi language and is translated as “fern”, a symbol of endurance, resourcefulness, and defiance against oppression.

Formerly The Senase Project, Aya believes that just like a fern, children can grow in difficult places. Location should not determine access to education, something that is ultimately the key to eradicating poverty.

We envision a world where youth in every community can achieve their dreams, so we’ve made it our mission to empower children through the expansion of equitable access to quality education. Through carefully cultivating ways to eliminate barriers, we’re able to provide resources to those who need them most.

We stand tall in our belief that education is a basic human right and by encouraging the dreamers and go-getters of the world that they will in turn help their peers and community rise from the soil regardless of circumstance, just like a fern, and build a better future.

Welcome to Aya.